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WMS eighth grade Career Day and Shadowing Information

Winnebago Middle School 8th Grade Career Day will take place on Thursday, April 20, a number of guest speakers representing many different careers will come in and talk with our students about many different career options. This exposure to various careers should help students explore more job opportunities and provide extra research for future endeavors.

Winnebago Middle School 8th Grade Shadowing will take place on Thursday, April 27. Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to participate in a shadowing day. We ask that each student shadow an adult at work for a day so that the child can “live” through an actual day at work in the “real world”. In addition to the on-the-job experience, each student will be asked to share his/her experience with classmates in the days following their shadowing experience. Students will be expected to complete information about the job that they are shadowing.

We are asking that shadowing experiences involve only the workplace of a relative or family acquaintance so that the student will be assured of family support and approval. We understand that not all parents can take their child on a shadowing experience, so if you can make arrangements with a responsible adult whose job your child would find interesting or informative, please help your child make those arrangements. (Winnebago Middle School teachers and staff are not available to be shadowed.)

The actual shadowing will take place on Thursday, April 27. Since shadowing is an 8th grade activity, students who are participating are excused from school. Students received permission sheets that must be completed, signed and returned to an 8th grade teacher by Wednesday, April 26.

Any student who does not return the completed form will be expected to be in attendance at the middle school and complete vocational activities as a part of their class work that day. If your child does not attend school on that day, they will need a doctor’s note indicating the date and reason for the absence and the day that the student may return to school. Otherwise, the absence will be treated as unexcused and discipline will be administered accordingly. This discipline will include, but not be limited to, loss of grade(s) and possible suspension. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail Kylie Gray.


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