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WHS Calculator Recommendations

The WHS Math Department requires a TI-84 calculator (any model) for Stats and Calc classes, and the TI030XIIS is recommend for all other math classes.  (Please note that students are not allowed to use a TI-30XS Multiview.) Current prices in the area: TARGET:  TI-84 Plus CE is $89.99 WalMart:  TI-84 Plus $86.00; TI-83+ is $86.00; TI-30XIIS is $8.88 STAPLES:  TI-84 Plus CE is $119.99; TI-84+ is $99.99; TI-30XIIS is $9.99 OFFICE DEPOT:  TI-84 Plus CE is $119.99; TI-84+ is $99.99; TI-30XIIS is $10.99
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