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Tuesday March 6, 2018

Today’s Events:

  1. Boys Basketball Super Sectional NIU Convocation Center 7:30


    2. Congrats to the Scholastic Bowl on the Regional Championship!

         They easily defeated the opponent: 660-70, 480-200 and 620-170

          Regional plaque in the office: way to make Bago proud!

          Sectionals are on Saturday



  3. The Library will be closed for Intervention today

This Week:

  1. Wednesday  NHS Meeting  7:20

     2. Wednesday  1:00 Dismissal

     3. Thursday NIU visits the Advising Office  1:30

     4. Friday Student Council Meeting  7:20


     5. Friday Blood Drive

Student Advisory:

Every student has the right to engage in the act of a peaceful protest and the school would never deny that right. However, a Walkout protest during school is, in addition to a HUGE safety concern, an act of civil disobedience and a clear violation of school/district rules. Infractions of those rules will continue to be handled in the standard manner--falling under “Out of Bounds” and resulting in a major conduct referral. Everyone should remember that major referrals do result in consequences. (i.e. Seniors with a major referral are ineligible to attend their Senior Trip.)

Rather than participate in an unsafe walkout protest, school officials are planning a safer, more productive forum to address questions and concerns about this issue. Local and state policymakers have been invited to participate in the forum to address student concerns. This event is scheduled for 3/14/18 at 9:00 a.m.

If you have questions and/or suggestions, please see Mr. Gruber.

PBIS Tickets:

Looking for the ticket boxes in the library and cafetorium? Our regular monthly PBIS drawings will return in April and May. Watch for special ticket opportunities in March instead of the usual PBIS tickets. Save your regular tickets to enter in the drawings for April and May. Upcoming prizes include a wireless speaker and Dick's Sporting Goods certificate.

Blood Drive:

WHS is hosting the Spring Blood drive on Friday March, 9th. We are looking for helpers from NHS and Key Club to help the day of the blood drive (seniors only 1-7) and during lunch on Tuesday, March 6-Thursday, March 8.  See Mrs. Behn or Mrs. Thompson to sign up.

Rock Valley College Trip:

Friday April 13: for Seniors who are planning on attending Rock Valley College

Sign up in the Advising Office and pick up your packet   

Deadline is April 4

Upcoming College Visits:

  1. NIU Thursday March 8 at 1:30

  2. Upper Iowa University  Wednesday March 14 at 12:30

  3. Highland Community College April 9 at 9:30

  4. U of I Springfield April 18 at 10:40

Job Opportunity:

1.Farm on Route 2: Thyme and Again

Flexible: possible some jobs now and many in the fall

Help needed with apples, pumpkin, gourds, squash and wood

2.Part time job opening:

Yankee Therapy Horse Farm (Safford Road, Rockford)

Job includes cleaning stalls, shoveling the barnyard, repairing fencing, lifting hay bales, and other farm duties.

Stop by the Advising Office for more details

Tractor Day:

Tractor Day 2018 is scheduled for 3/23/18!

Permission slips are available in the main office and must be completed and submitted to the office no later than 3/9/18.     See Ivan Viel with any questions.

Scholarship Opportunities:

Stop by Academic Advising to find out about upcoming local scholarship opportunities:

*Lorin DiGivonni Scholarship *Friends of the Winnebago Library

*Mike Leden Memorial Scholarship *Freeport Kiwanis

*Helen Gambrel Scholarship

PBIS Quarterly Reward Trip 3/23:

Going to the Movies:

A Wrinkle in Time or Everyday

And Lunch

Upcoming PBIS

Qualifications for the 3rd Quarterly Reward trip:

Tardies: 1 or less

No D's - No F's

No Unexcused

No Major Referrals

Cut-off date 3/14

Attention Students: Beginning on 8/28/17

Tardies for the year will be counted and used to determine parking incentives for the 2018-19 school year.

Parking fees will remain $75, BUT your number of tardies may earn you a discount in addition to determining your raffle order.

For the 2017-18 School Year


0-2 tardies= free parking spot and eligible for the first rounds of drawing

3-4 tardies= ½ off parking spot and eligible for the second round drawing

5+ tardies=full price parking and eligible for final round in the drawing

If you have questions about the changes for the 2017-18 school year, please see Mr. Lemke


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