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2017-2018 Countdown to Kindergarten

Will you have a child that turns five years old on or before September 1, 2017? If the answer is yes, then they will be able to attend kindergarten starting next school year.


Here are some things to think about as the next school year approaches. 


What immunizations will my child need?

  • Before children can start kindergarten in Illinois, they need a physical examination by a doctor or other health care provider. They also need to have all immunizations up-to-date. Be sure to start early so they’re ready for that first day. If you’re not sure what immunizations your children need, talk to their doctor, your local health department, or call the Illinois Public Health Department at 217-782-4977.


Will my child need to have a certified birth certificate?

  • Yes, all children need to have a copy of their certified birth certificate on file at school prior to the first day of attendance.

What will the teacher expect my child to be able to do?

  • A child entering kindergarten is usually able to walk, run, and climb.
  • She should be able to hold and use a pencil, crayons, and scissors.
  • She should talk well enough for others to understand what she is saying and know that words can be written as well as spoken. Help her see and hear how objects and sounds may be alike or different.

What group skills does my child need?

  • Does your child get along with other children and adults?
  • In kindergarten he’ll need to be able to work alone and with others.
  • He can be an “old hand” at these skills if you work with him on listening to a story in a group;following rules; and carrying out two or three directions; taking turns, respecting others’ property, and sharing; taking care of his own things, such as his coat; going to the toilet and washing his hands; and finishing his work.

What kinds of knowledge and experience help prepare my child?

  • Help her learn about the world around her. Take her on interesting trips—to the library or grocery store, on a bus ride, or to a museum or park—and talk with her about what she sees. Encourage her curiosity, and help her find answers to her questions.
  • Teach her the names of colors and shapes.
  • Make sure she knows her full name and how to get to school and back.


What will my local school expect of my child?

Call the school office at 815.335.2318 and ask to talk to Mr. Mandera,principal if there are additional questions or information on what is expected of students and parents. Kindergarten Pre-enrollment can be done online starting Wednesday, February 1.

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