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Frequently Asked Preschool Screening Questions

One of the first school experiences parents share with their child is screening for our preschool program. We have developed a list of answers to assist with your possible questions.  

  1. Who should be screened?

      All children between the ages of 3 – 5 should be screened.


  1. When are screenings offered?

Preschool screenings are held four times per school year. 


  1. Who do I call to find out when the next screening is and set up an appointment?

Call the Winnebago District Office 815.335.2456 or Simon Elementary 815.335.2318.


  1. What should I bring to the screening appointment?

We ask that you fill out the Student Information Form, Consent for Screening, Parent Questionnaire and the Vision and Hearing Questionnaire prior to your appointment.  Some children require their parents’ attention during the screening and parents are unable to fill out the needed information.


  1. How long does the screening take?

The screening takes approximately one hour.


 6.     Can someone else bring my child or do I have to?

A parent/guardian does not have to be the person bringing the child to the screening.  However, it is necessary that the parent fill out all the paperwork prior to the appointment.  If information is allowed to be shared with the person bringing the child, a signed note giving the screeners permission to share information would be necessary.


  1. What will my child do at screening?

We start the screening by taking a picture of you and your child.  The school nurse will complete a vision and hearing screening.  Then, your child will be screened using the Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning – Fourth Edition (DIAL-4).  This tool assesses motor, concepts and language skills.


  1. Who will be screening my child?

The staff members that are screening your child are the very same staff members that will work with your child if they enter our preschool program.  The teachers, speech-language pathologists, social worker and nurse are all a part of our preschool program at Simon.


  1. What do the parents do during screening?

The parents meet with the school social worker to go over the paperwork that was filled out and clarify any other needed information.  An explanation of how your child did on the screening will be shared at the completion.  If applicable, suggestions may be given to the parents.


  1. What if my child won’t separate from me?

We encourage the child to complete the screening without the parent in the room them but it is not a problem if the child is unwilling to leave the parent.


  1. Why is it important to have my child screened?

The preschool screening helps identify children who would benefit from our preschool program.  It provides parents with information about what is typical development for a 3, 4, or 5 year olds.  It also helps parents become aware of strengths and weaknesses to better work with their child at home.


  1. Is there a cost to have my child screened?

There is no charge for screening.  It is a service of the Winnebago School District.


  1. Does everyone that is screened get into the preschool program?

The preschool program offered through the Winnebago School District is a needs-based preschool program.  We identify the children most at need for our program.  Qualification for our program is done through a variety of ways (i.e., academic, social, speech and language, family, etc.).


  1. When will we know if our child got into the program?

You will receive a letter in the mail a couple of weeks following your screening appointment.  If you need a more specific date, please ask one of the staff members.


 15.  What if my child does not get into the preschool program?

We recommend that you have your child screened yearly to assure they are keeping up with the developmental norms for their age (i.e., What we expect from a 3-year old is much different than what we expect of a 4-year old).  If your child does not qualify for our program, we encourage you to seek outside preschool programs.  If concerns arise between yearly screening appointments, please call the school to talk to one of the preschool staff members about your concerns.


 16.  If my child does get into the preschool program, are there any fees?


Yes, there is a tuition
fee of $250 per semester or $500 per school year for the needs-based at-risk preschool. $75 for COOP early childhood program.  


  1. If I have any questions, whom should I call?

Please call Simon Elementary at 815.335.2318 or the District Office 815.335.2456 and the administrative assistant will direct you to the person available to answer any additional questions.

We strive to make our preschool screening an enjoyable experience for the children and an informative experience for the parents.  We look forward to seeing you at your appointment!

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