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Winnebago Safety and Security Plan

Student safety is our District’s top priority. Our District has developed a Comprehensive Safety and Security Plan. In addition to physical safety, the District is concerned with students’ emotional well-being and will help students cope with an emergency or disaster and its aftermath. The following outlines our emergency and disaster response plans.

School Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

The District has plans for all four phases of emergency and disaster management:

  1. Prevention - the capabilities needed to avoid, deter, or stop an incident.
  2. Preparation - the capabilities needed to: (a) protect students, teachers, staff, visitors, networks, and property against threats or hazards, and (b) mitigate the likelihood of an incident or to reduce the impact of one.
  3. Response - the capabilities needed to stabilize an incident, save lives, establish a safe and secure environment, and facilitate the transition to recovery.
  4. Recovery - the capabilities needed to restore the learning environment.

These phases are covered in each school Emergency Operations Plan. In addition, the District has a District Safety Coordinator and each school has a Safety Team. State law requires the District to annually review its plans.

Communications to Stakeholders

The District will share emergency information via its website, information hotline, the media, and/or telephone contact.

Emergency Responses

Emergency responses will depend on the circumstances and may include lockdown or evacuation.  During a lockdown, no one may enter or leave the building until it is safe to do so.  For evacuation purposes, each school has at least one off-campus site where students and staff assemble to be accounted for and temporarily housed.

In the unlikely event an emergency response is needed at your child’s school, staff members will be busy supervising students.  We will attempt to provide information through the District’s information Social Media, website, and School Messenger Phone Call.

If students are evacuated, you will be notified as to the location for pick up. 

You may pick up your child at this location after notifying the school official in charge.  Additional instructions will be given in the event of an evacuation, including alternative methods to return your child home.

Cooperation and Assistance Request

During any emergency or potential disaster and for the safety of all students and staff, please follow the instructions of the District Safety Coordinator as well as the Building Principal.  These instructions will be widely disseminated.
Defamatory or disruptive behavior will only lessen our response effectiveness.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the District office or your child’s Principal.  In the meantime, thank you for your cooperation and support.


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