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Winnebago PE Students rank as some of the best in the State of Illinois

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, the ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) has required all school districts in the State of Illinois to begin fitness testing in four areas for 3 -12th graders. The four areas are aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. 

To many districts this was a daunting and overwhelming task but not to the P.E. teachers and students in Winnebago.  Physical fitness testing has been part of our curriculum for over twenty five years!  Only difference this past year was that we were required to do the fitnessgram tests. 

For Winnebago P.E. teachers that just meant a few teachers had to switch tests from Presidential Physical Fitness Test to the Fitnessgram and teach some new techniques on testing.  Our students quickly grasped the concepts of the new tests and were off to the races with their personal fitness goals. 

In June of 2017, scores for 5th (Jean McNair Elementary School), 7th (Winnebago Middle School) and 10th (Winnebago High School) were submitted by grade level to the ISBE.  Only grade level scores for students were submitted so each student's individual scores were kept confidential.  Our students worked exceptionally hard to set a personal goal and to rank at or above the Fitnessgram ranges of Healthy Fit Zone (HFZ).  All that hard work over the years has finally paid off because the Winnebago School District #323 ranked among the highest in the state on almost every test and grade level.  Below is the percentage of students in each grade level that either met or exceeded the healthy fit zone on the Illinois State report card. 

Aerobic Capacity (Pacer Test) - % Meeting or Exceeding Healthy Fit Zone
                                 5th Grade       7th Grade         10th Grade
Winnebago Scores:        100%          81%                      48%
Illinois State Averages:    67.09%    66.26%                3.89%

Muscular Strength (Push-Up Test) - % Meeting or Exceeding Healthy Fit Zone
Winnebago Scores:      67%              84%                       84%
Illinois State Averages: 61.05%         65.96%                 68.40%

Muscular Endurance (Curl-Up Test) - % Meeting or Exceeding Healthy Fit Zone
Winnebago Scores:         96%           97%                        84%
Illinois State Averages:    74.04%     80.60%                  83.42%

Flexibility (Back Saver Sit & Reach Test) - % Meeting or Exceeding Healthy Fit Zone
   5th Grade 7th Grade 10th Grade
Winnebago Scores:     95%           88%            81%
Illinois State Averages:              69.40%      72.50%       75.82%

The Winnebago P.E. teachers would like to thank the district and parents for supporting DAILY PHYSICAL EDUCATION because it is really paying off as we compare our P.E. program to others around the state!  We also would like to thank our amazing students for working so hard to help our district be one of the top in the State of Illinois

The Winnebago District #323 P.E. Teachers are Joe Flynn (Simon), Tracy Miller (McNair), Patrick Brule, Kendra Cox & Carolyn Mielke (WMS), Annie Getschel, Brent Thompson & Mark Helm (WHS)

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