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Chromebook Message to Families

Winnebago Schools will not be collecting Chromebooks from students prior to summer break, unless a student is planning to not attend school in the Winnebago CUSD #323 District next year.

As we look forward to wrapping up the school year and enjoying the summer, we are also planning for the next school year.

Although we have received some guidance from state and local officials regarding school in the fall, there are many things that we still do not have answers for and are working to maintain as much flexibility for the future as we can.

This also allows for students to use the device over the summer to continue learning. That could include learning activities families choose on their own or any ideas sent out prior to summer by teachers.

If a Chromebook malfunctions or has accidental damage we are able to swap out the broken device so a student can continue using it. Please email and a technician will contact you to arrange the swap. Technicians at Winnebago Schools continue working during the summer months so expect to hear back within a day or two if you send an email.

Please be aware that students are welcome to use Chromebooks for non-learning activities, but all district accounts are filtered and monitored. Parents will be notified if explicit content is accessed and continued inappropriate use may result in the suspension of that student’s district account. If a student has a personal device, we recommend that the district owned Chromebook be used only for learning activities and any personal activities happen on their personal device.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Technology Director, Ross Eberle, at or 815-335-2456 x2616.

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