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Winnovation finishes season in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Winnovation’s weekend in La Crosse, Wisconsin was filled with hard work and excitement. The team made the three hour journey north, taking a total of 26 students. All of these students had a great time interacting with the teams from six other states (including a team from China), walking around the pits looking at other robots, scouting matches, and cheering on their team during matches.Of the 54 teams represented at the regional.Winnovation ended qualification matches rank in 9th, with a record of 8-2. In the break between Winnovation’s two regionals, the team took the time to build a lift, which allowed  Winnovation’s robot, Russell, to lift up to the third hab level. They were then able to use this feature starting in their third qualifying match. Winnovation was able to beat the opposing alliance in quarterfinals, earning them a spot in semifinals. Sadly, however, Team 1625 was beaten by the other alliance, which went on to win the Seven Rivers Regional. 


Even though the season is now over for the team, student are still hard at work planning for their summer camp, as well as fixing up Russell for the eighth grade recruitment. Overall, the team had a great time this season and is very excited for the next.


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