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WHS students help support Lutheran High

WHS students help support Lutheran High

In dark times, any light is welcome. Winnebago High School’s senior officers know that well, so it should come as no surprise when tragedy struck Rockford Lutheran with the passing of student Payton Parrotte, they acted. With the help of advisors and the generous students attending WHS,

Senior Class Officers Ethan M., Madisyn G., Caitlin H. and Krista F. were able to collect donations to put towards an established donation fund at Rockford Lutheran. They traveled from table to table at lunch collecting any loose change or spare dollars they could. The final total for all donations was over $120 dollars, which they personally delivered to the family of Payton on Tuesday, September 6. Not only did they deliver the money, but the officers met with and had lunch with Dani, Justice and Hope Parrotte, spending over an hour bonding over pizza. The family was extremely grateful, and so were the officers. They appreciated the time given to them, and for the experience and results that came with meeting and helping the Parrotte family.

Submitted by: Ethan McDougall, Class of 2016 President  

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