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Carol White PEP Grant

Winnebago CUSD #323, with a strong grant and the commitment of 16 community partners, was selected as one of 77 sites from across the country that was awarded the competitive Carol White PE Grant from the US Department of Education. The overall goal of the grant is to expand, and enhance physical education programs for students, while simultaneously improving student health over the long term and promoting lifelong fitness. The multifaceted project will address the revitalization of curriculum with a focus on fitness and the ability to meet Illinois Learning Standards in physical education, and providing staff with professional development experiences and resources to help ensure long-term success. The grant covers a three year period with up to $550,000 in funding, contingent on goals being met each year, which include engaging students in 60 minutes of daily physical activity, and increasing both the percentage of students who achieve age-appropriate cardiovascular fitness levels, and consuming two or more servings of fruit a day and three or more servings of vegetables.

Carol White Grant enhances PE classes

Over the last decade, health and education professionals, as well as States and communities, have been increasingly concerned about changing health and behavior patterns related to physical activity, nutrition and weight status.

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