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District Departments

District Directors Contact List
District Department Directors for the Winnebago Schools District are listed below. Click on any of the names to access the corresponding contact form.
Mary Ellen Droy - Food Service Director
Mike Reinders - Transportation Director
Mike Prestegaard - Maintenance & Grounds Director
Ross Eberle- Information Technology Director

Food Services
The lunch menus at Winnebago CUSD #323 are based on the Traditional Food-Based Menu Planning Approach from guidelines through the State of Illinois. For information on Food Services for your student, please refer to our Food Services page.

Health Services
For information on Health Services for your student, our Health Services page has the latest information from our nursing staff concerning everything from MRSA information to tips on staving off the common cold.

For information on our Technology Department, our Technology page has the latest information from our technology staff.

For information on transportation for your student, please refer to our Transportation page. Transportation request forms, District Maps, answers to frequently asked questions, and bus rules to review with your children are located on this site.

Curriculum & Assessment
For information on the district's curriculum and also assessment figures, visit our Curriculum & Assessment section. Curriculum information on all subjects is available here, as well as information on standardized tests and district performance.

From the Jean McNair Nurses' Desk

Vision and Hearing problems greatly impact your child's education.  Therefore, the school nurses will begin screening students for vision and hearing during the months of November and December.

News from the Nurse

Children Illness - Children should stay home if any of the following are present:

CDC Hosts Parent Portal for Healthy, Safe Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched Parent Portal, an encyclopedic website with links to information from all areas of CDC. "The portal is a source for credible, accurate information in helping parents raise healthy kids and provide a safe home and community," according to the CDC.

Bus Rules and Transportation FAQ

Every Bus Driver and employee of the Winnebago School District Transportation Department takes their job very seriously when transporting one of the most precious cargos of the district – your children. In order for the team of drivers to fulfill this responsibility in a safe, timely, and organized system, it is important to understand some of the process involved.

Please keep us informed!

Please keep your school nurse informed on any changes in your child’s health information or status. We’re here to help your child be as successful as possible in school, especially when there are health concerns. Please call us or email anytime. 

Protocol for medicine dispensing during school hours

Emergency medications such as Inhalers and Epi-Pens need a physcian's order. This order may be faxed to the school office. If you have any questions, please contact the school office.