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Fans Club

Winnebago Fans Association promotes and supports educational, athletic, and social activities

Fan's Club invites anyone- past, present, or future parents, staff or coaches to join us. The Fan's Club meets on the fourth Monday of every month at 6 p.m. in the cafetorium or teacher’s room at the high school. Meetings last about an hour. Dues are $2 a year to be a voting member.

Window Decal Information

 Window Decals are available through the Fan's Club. Please use the attached form.


Winnebago Fans’ Club Lottery information

Have you seen the sign up at Winnebago Snyder’s Pharmacy with a list of people that have won money from the Winnebago Fans’ Club Lottery? The Lottery is a part of the Winnebago Fans Association. The Lottery sells 300 tickets annually and, after paying all the winners, gives the proceeds to the Fans’ Club.

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