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Compensation Reports

Illinois school districts are required to report and post teacher and administrator salary and benefits data.  The following is a report on compensation for certified staff. 

Winnebago CUSD 323 2014-15 Budget and Financial Report

District Response to Bullying

At our school, bullying of any kind, by any person, is unacceptable. All students should be free from worries about being bullied. Students who bully others must be taught other, appropriate ways of interacting with peers. 

Winnebago CUSD 323 2013-14 Budget and Financial Report

Winnebago Activity Passes available in the WHS office

Family and Adult Activity passes are available to purchase in the Winnebago High School Office. Passes are not good for Middle School activities or IHSA or BNC sanctioned events.

Concussion information required by the IHSA

As a requirement of the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) resulting from House Bill 200, Winnebago High School has implemented the attached protocol to be enforced following a student athlete suffering a concussion while participating in school sponsored athletic activities.

RSS Feeds

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District Boundary Map

Below is a link to the Winnebago District Boundary Map. Winnebago School district encompasses approximately 100 square miles in Northern Illinois.

Public Use of Winnebago CUSD Facilities

District facilities are available for use by the public to host a multitude of different functions.  Non-school related organizations must fill out a form to use District facilities.

District Office Contact List

Staff Members for the Winnebago Schools District Office are listed below. Click on any of the names to access the corresponding contact form.  

304 East McNair Road
Winnebago IL 61088

Phone: 815.335.2456
Fax: 815.335.7574
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.